VoteStrike: Don’t vote. Take the power back!

Take the power back!


Dissenting Electorate: Those who refuse to vote and the legitimacy of their opposition:


In every presidential election since 1920, non-voters have outnumbered those who voted for the winning candidate by a large margin, sometimes as much as 2 to 1.


Perhaps most often, politics and government are seen as worthless, even harmful, systems that exist solely to excercise power over people. By voting you support the very system that imprisons you. By not voting, you commit a revolutionary act by refusing to be a part of the machine. You are withdrawing your consent to be governed by an inherently corrupt system. All politicians are greedy, power-hungry crooks, so it doesn’t matter who wins. In a choice between two self-serving liars, refusing to decide makes clear your contempt for this non-choice.


The majority of people should not get to decide things for everybody; voting limits people’s participation in government; the Constitution is not a valid contract that binds the people of the United States; and the government officials pretend that the fact that alot of people voted for them is a “mandate”. Elections are filled with fraud and there’s absolutely no guarantee that the winners actually recieved the most votes.


Politicians are corrupted by lobbyist and P.A.C.’s of big business, and the only solution offered is term limits. But you could change your elected officials every other week and it would not make any difference because politicians work for big business, not you and me.


In 1911, Emma Goldman said, “You seek votes for women, but have your men with their millions of votes freed themselves from injustice?”.


Two parties that serve corporate America is no democracy at all. It’s a lie.


Don’t vote. Take the power back! 

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