Strike Updates: Justice For Kelly Thomas Protests Are Erupting EVERYWHERE

In breaking news, rallies have erupted in Fullerton, California protesting the beating death of Kelly Thomas. Thomas was an unarmed homeless man whose death was caught on video surveillance tape. Police officers severely beat and killed Thomas who literally begged for his life dozens of times as he was beaten.



Today’s protests have further sprung from the popular outrage over the verdict which allowed the officers involved - Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli - to walk free.

Protesters are currently blocking traffic in Fullerton. Today’s protests continue to rage on the streets of California.



SPREAD THE WORD and GET ORGANIZED in your city to demand JUSTICE FOR KELLY THOMAS and an end to ALL police brutality and extrajudicial killings!

If you are in the Fullerton area, get out there and join the protesters and demand a federal investigation into the MURDER of Kelly Thomas.


This must be the BEGINNING, not the end!

We can no longer in good conscience trust the criminals to police themselves. Link to this article from forums and blogs. Mention it with links in your comments on blogs. PROMOTE IT.
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z_police_protest004“Violence, vandalism, defacing property and attacking police is NOT effective. We must be respectful of others and NOT give the cops a reason to arrest.  I think even stopping traffic is counter-productive.  There were 4-6 arrests today, we urge peaceful protests RELEASE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS NOW!!” protester Terri Thaxton- Teramura told GS. (MORE PICS BELOW)

Contact Fullerton PD 714-738-6800 and tell them to FREE ALL PROTESTERS AND LIVESTREAMERS!!

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