Police Officer Arrested on Child Rape

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — A Mass. police officer is facing a number of charges, including child rape, following his arrest Thursday.


49-year-old George Colon of West Springfield was arrested Thursday night on a warrant, charging him with two counts of open and gross lewdness, rape of a child, sodomy, and enticing a child under the age 16.

Colon was arrested at his home in West Springfield, with the assistance of his UMass Police supervisor and another officer. West Springfield detectives say his disturbing crimes date back at least two years. They involve his girlfriend’s daughter and her 12 year old friend.

Besides shaking his head in disagreement, Colon stood emotionless for his arraignment Friday. Assistant District Attorney Marie Angers says the daughter of Colon’s girlfriend invited a friend over to their home in mid-May. That’s when Colon entered their bedroom naked from the waste down.

“A couple days later she was at her friends home when again the defendant came in,” Angers said. “He pulled out his penis and asked if she wanted to have sex and no one would know.”

Then on May 18th police say Colon gave his girlfriend’s daughter and her friend alcohol during a sleepover and proceeded to allegedly grab the friend’s backside. Shortly after, his girlfriend’s daughter allegedly revealed chilling details to her friend.

“Her friend during that incident had disclosed that the defendant makes her do stuff, including have sex with her brother and on at least one prior occasion the defendant and her friend had had sexual intercourse,” Angers said.

Colon’s girlfriend was notified of the allegations. The police were notified May 29th of the alleged crimes. Detectives met privately with both girls, and say their stories match.

“The defendant had told her that he would deny everything and she should deny everything too so she won’t get taken away from her family,” Angers told the court.

Colon pled not guilty to a slew of charges Friday, including rape of child.
His attorney says a six year police veteran, Colon once saved a man’s life while on duty at UMass and claims there are many inconsistencies in the girls’ stories.

“These allegations are totally out of character based upon what I see so far judge,” he said.

Colon was held on $25,000 cash bail. UMass had no comment Friday, other to note that Colon is on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. They say a full review of the allegations will take place. They stress the alleged incidents happened in West Springfield with no connection to UMass. He has no prior criminal record.

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